bullet point 2 CREATE-A-SIZE - 16 Series

Sometimes you wish you had the perfect sized enclosure, because that extra quarter inch can make a world of difference. Now it is possible to have exactly what you want, through Par-Metal's revolutionary idea of customizing enclosures. We have been working with flexible manufacturing for years and now we have mastered it.

bullet point 1 Any size

If you do not see what you need in our extensive line of enclosures, just ask. From the smallest enclosure to the largest, we can manufacture any size with any construction.

bullet point 1 Quick delivery

Our applications engineers are eager to serve you. Delivery takes only 2 to 10 days from confirmation of your order. We can give you a price quote on your custom enclosure while you are still on the phone!

bullet point 1 No minimum

That's right. No minimums and no strings attached. Whether it is one or 10,000, we can quote the lowest prices or bid lower than any price you can find.

bullet point 1 It's easy

First, determine what material to use. Then, using our easy part numbering system, you can create your own part numbers. For example, suppose you are looking for a 5.25" H x 12" W x 15" D enclosure. Your part number will be 16-12155x. Our part numbers are of the form 16-WWDDHH, where WW is the width, DD is the depth, and HH is the height. All numbers are rounded off to the nearest inch. Construction will be similar to our Series 10 with .09" thick aluminum material unless you specify otherwise. You can also choose the 14 series front panel and make the new 18 series instead of the 16 series.


bullet point 1 Even more choices

We provide unlimited options for punching holes or cutouts. We use CNC punching for small quantities, combining speed and low cost. Welded enclosures can also be provided. You can specify your choice of finish, including texture, gloss, and flat enamel colors, or have your enclosure anodized, alodined, or EMI shielded. Silk screening is also available upon request.

bullet point 1 Large quantities

Par-Metal has formed a joint venture with a manufacturing company in the Far East that allows us to give our customers the lowest prices anywhere in the U.S. Custom enclosures, according to our standard, are U.S. made. Upon request, we will give you the lowest price that our joint venture can offer.

bullet point 1 So look no further

Par-metal offers you millions of different combinations that even all the other companies combined cannot. So why do you have a file full of catalogs when you really need just one? Try us. You'll be satisfied and glad you did. Call 800-829-7116 now and have a complete manufacturing company in your hands.

bullet point 1 Semi-custom sizes

There are some sizes that have been frequently asked for by our customers. We are trying to serve you faster by stocking these popular sizes with raw finish. Upon your request, we will do the final finish and ship the enclosure to you within several days.


Front panel can be 1/8" or 3/16" thick aluminum alloy (5052-H32). All other panels are 0.09" thick. Chassis come with 6-32 press-nuts and stainless steel screws.

Optional vent holes on top/bottom or sides, punch holes on front and back panels. Silk screen printing is also available. For structural information, please see 10 series.

To specify the color of your chassis, please attach the suffix-x:

-A gold alodine
-R painted blue
-B black anodize
-C clear anodize
-E painted beige
-G painted gray
-N clear alodine
-P painted black
-R painted blue
-U unfinished
-S black anodize front & gold body